A few years ago my husband and I were blessed with our first official smartphones. Each was loaded with all the things that you could need and access to the things you wanted. I was so thrilled to have maps that could help me find my way! What a great invention! No more hunting and highlighting on an atlas, I’d hit the big time baby! Now the family planned a vacation to Orlando, FL and my husband and I agreed that our new GPS would come in handy on our trip.

All went well and everyone was having a tremendous time. The group of people that we were with had created a convoy to our destination, so all was well. Our family decided to leave the park early and return to the house where we were staying. I typed in the address and hit start route. Now, mind you these phones were so new to us that we did not even know about the verbal navigation, so it is my job to navigate Captain Hubby.

We drive. Then we drive some more. Then we drive some more. Hubby says,”We must have gone too far.” My teenager chimes in, ” Mom let me see the phone.”

“I think I know how to read a map thank you.” I sternly retort to them both. Only maybe I don’t cause something is definitely wrong here. We go a few miles more. Finally, I relent and my teen announces that we are traveling in the opposite direction than the GPS is telling us. “We can’t be,” I defended my actions, I’ve been following the little thingy on the screen entire time.” ( Note to self: have eyes checked.)

Needless to say, I was not allowed to navigate anymore, but they had to admit they saw plenty they had never seen before.

It is a lot easier to get someplace when you know where your going or at least how the guidance system works. Well, I believe that because people don’t have a built-in map, God put in place a system for us to follow. First, His Word is our roadmap showing us the right and wrong ways. Next, God sent His Holy Spirit to be our guide and lastly the body of believers who encourage one another in the faith.

Course, just like we were with the phones, if you are not familiar with it, you will miss something. So, get out your map (Bible) and prepare for your new journey with God. The best is yet to come.

We hope you enjoyed that quick story. For another one, click the link: The Bully

Have a beautiful Day!



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