“A blog?” My kid asked, “Why a blog?”  He screwed his face up like it was the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard of, However despite what my 16 going on 30 son might think, HERE WE ARE!!!!  I was diagnosed with clinical depression plus anxiety with panic attacks years ago and it has honestly been an uphill battle.  Most of the time if you try and talk about it, people simply don’t understand.  Unless you have experienced it firsthand or have a loved one who battles themselves then you probably are shall we say, in the dark.  Depression is more than being sad.  Anxiety does not have make sense. These are real opponents that do not release you off the mat until you have cried uncle.  There is a stigma on people who admit to the outsiders that they have an illness.   Then you add regular ordinary life to the mix and it gets pretty interesting.  I am a mom of 3 who are trying their best to grow up while mom deals with her issues and attempts to be normal. Whatever the definition of that is!  So, depression will be talked about here but we will not dwell on it.  We will search for reasons to get out of bed and at least put something on besides pajamas.  There are 4 categories here:  Home (blog Page),  D.I.M. (Did It Myself), Your Daily Dose, and Making Food.  Check out the pages. Leave comments.  Share Posts.  Invite friends to do the same.  I will be adding more as we go along.  So be sure not to miss what’s going on!  Again, WELCOME FRIENDS!


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