Much Noise


The larger the crowd the more noise arises from said crowd. Now should you take that relatively large crowd and put them in a confined space I would predict the noise would amplify.  Please note I am not a scientist  nor a mathematician,  just a mom who has proven this hypothesis.   Our house has 6-7 people in it constantly and there is always action. Someone’s watching t.v. but they can not hear  it over the conversation that is taking place, so the simple solution is to pump up the volume. Only that also works for voices.  The television increases, so does the speaking, so then up goes one and then then other until someone shouts, usually me, “It’s too loud in here!”  Now you would think that these half and full grown adults would just hush and move on, right?  No way! Every single one of them begin to talk simtaniously and with great conviction about why they had to raise their volume.  Really?  Do I look like I even care why you were doing it? Just don’t! God help me one day they will yell at their kids for noise and I  will fall on the floor laughing.  This is definitely going back around!

So there are sibling rivalry “discussions,” on any number of subjects and miscommunication talks.  There might be a debate over politics but it does not last long, cause no one wants to go up against Dad in a political  debate.   There are videos streaming, music playing and dogs barking,  not to mention  the dishwasher and washing machine going.  Then in the middle of it all my father will miss something that someone says and the raised voices are all too happy to explain. Needless to say noise is overtaking our lives.

Occasionally I find myself home alone. Ahhh! I turn off the appliances, dare the dogs to bark, and I sit and listen. Silence.  It is defining.  It can seem so loud at times you feel uneasy.  But then a stillness and a calmness accompany that precious noiseless moment and you can actually hear yourself breathe.

Last week I was not feeling 100% and I saw my doctor. She asked questions of me and began to go through the normal physical exam.  She looked in one ear and said, “Are your ears bothering you at all?”  I mumbled something to the effect of not really.  “Well they should be bothering you. You have infection in both.” I sat there almost dumbfounded.  How in the world could my ears so out of sorts and I  not know? Could it be with all the calamity that has become my almost normal, I just did not have time or enough  space to notice?

It is still a mystery to me, but I am on the mend, praise the Lord!  But tonight around the dinner table I noticed another kind of conversation: fun and laughter. The kind that causes tea to fly out your nose.  Good clean unblimished joy! And yes it was very loud too!


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