Pedal on the Right

Driving is a right of passage in life.  I remember turning 15 and chomping at the bit to get a driver’s license. I could never get enough of the open road.  Nodding at other captains of other ships with dignity and respect.  These days, not so much.  People are completely stupid behind the wheel. Turning in strange places, tailgating for no apparent reason than to tick you off, and even refusing to stop at the stop sign.  We once had rules of the road but now we seem to be in a “do ’em if you want to” mode.

In the growing metropolis we live in,  driver’s seem to have no forethought,  or for that matter an afterthought.  Phones are a distraction at stop signs, traffic lights, and parking lots.  Sometimes I think everyone is in there own personal bubble, and does not even notice the other cars around them.

I have even considered purchasing a crate of Florida Driver’s Handbook to keep in the car that I can fling at other drivers who seem to have forgotten the correct way to drive.  Course I would most likely be sighted for assault, road rage, and littering and no one would ever even know why these books are flying through the air.

Anyways, back to distracted people.  We have all been distracted at times by one thing or another from the heavy duty problem to household chores, and let’s not forget issues in the romance department.

The other afternoon I was attempting to drive from one side of town to the other, and ended up stopped at the traffic light.  I was second in line to go when the light turned green and was preoccupied with all the things I needed to accomplish that day.  Thumping my fingers on the steering wheel to the beat of the music, I noticed that we finally had the green.  Yet we are not moving!  I wanted to be finished with my day and go home, and this car was not cooperating.  From somewhere deep inside me a scream was building. It may have only lasted moments but it felt like hours.  “Pedal on the right!”  I shrieked.


And this car plunged forward.  I know they did not hear me and my high pitched command helped no one but me.  So why did I feel a sudden satisfaction?  Preoccupation is an enemy of productivity.  In my particular case distraction tends to add to my anxiety and a panic attack can soon follow.  With that I end up retreating from everyone and everything including my responsibilities.

Occasionally, I need someone to yell “Pedal on the right!” to bring me back to reality, But please not too loud and not in my face.  Because my ears are sensitive and I am not sure if you have had a mint recently.  Thankfully God has sent His Holy Spirit to keep me on the straight and narrow.  He will teach me if I am willing to listen, to go when it is time to go, and stop at the right moments, and to when it becomes necessary yell, “Pedal on the Right!”















































































































































































































































































































































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