The Closet

In our home, we have a master bedroom in the opposite end of the house from everyone else. It is quite a nice room with its own bathroom and a huge walk-in closet.  Somehow though my beautiful closet on a regular basis becomes over full and regurgitates into our room. Now let me be the first to make it clear, I know that this situation is brought on by me and my lack of ability to throw out.  All of my beautiful organization gets overwhelmed and I become in need of new cleaning and organization tips!

Oddly enough, I discovered when my kids were younger and in school that keeping things on hand was a pretty smart thing to do. I cannot remember how many times someone announced they had a project due tomorrow, and it was not even started, and mom saved the day with craft items on hand.  But now the kids are older and I still have the tendency to keep things just in case. (My patient loving husband gets about ¼ of the closet if that.)

You can only organize so far. Remember you only have a certain amount of space and the organized items must fit within that space. Neatly and easily to find.

So ever so often I get in a mood to purge. It is when this happens the family all get a little nervous. “If it doesn’t serve a purpose, It’s leaving!”I announced a few weeks ago.

“O my word, I better hide!” my dad chided.

Now when I clean this way it requires that I have assistance. I have several issues in my body and lifting and bending are quite painful. So when I make these announcements I usually am met with the moans and groans and, and a few, ” Oh moms.”

When we begin, a donation box and a garbage bag join us every step of the way. We will be really making progress.  The shelves will start to clear out and you discover there was a floor in there! It takes time, it takes work. It takes being able to let it go.

How many of you are singing that song right now? If you have no idea what I  mean, just ignore that question, and read on. If you do, we will wait for you to finish.


The closet needs to be purged for more reasons than it is over full. 1)There is no way of finding things in that confusion. 2) That one item that you knew you had is waiting for you. 3) I love the feeling of a clean, organized space.  All good reasons to get busy.


I need to clean up the closet of my life sometimes too. To purge things that are just taking up the room. To get rid of things that are old, worn out and just plain dragging me down.  The book of Hebrews chapter 2 speaks of laying aside every weight. Not just laying down my sin, but also things that are like concrete around my neck. I must make space for the new things that God wants to put in my heart. To be ready to change for the better.  No matter how old I get, there is always a change that is needed. Look out everybody, it is time to purge!




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