Cloth Cross



This beautiful cross can be completed in a very few minutes.  It will make a fantastic gift or a beautiful addition to your home.

First we gather our supplies…  stretched canvas of your choice, 2 coordinating fabrics (approx. 1/4 yd. of each), 1 pipe cleaner or wire, Staple gun and staples, center decoration of your choice. (I chose butterflies.) You will also need scissors, a pencil and needle nose pliers.


1) Lay out fabric on a flat service so that you have the ability to cut.  For an 8 x 10 canvas I cut my pieces 10 X 12. You can create a paper pattern to pin on if desired. You need one piece for your background. (Black pictured) Of your second fabric, you will need to cut two pieces.  These will form the cross. (Gold Pictured)

2)Once you have your fabric ready lay your background color right side down.  You will begin at one end and fasten the fabric to the back of the canvas.  Be sure to pull it snug and do this all the way around the canvas.


3) Now each piece of the cross must be dealt with individually.  I prefer to do the top to bottom piece first.  About one inch from the edge of the top piece, fasten your color with your staple gun on the back of the canvas.  Gather your fabric slightly with your fingers and work your way to the other side and then staple down.


4) Now do the same for the other piece. Be cautious here that you place your piece that makes the cross slightly above the center, or you will make a plus sign. It should like the bottom center pic when you are done with steps 1-4.


5) Cut your pipe cleaner in half.  Take one piece diagonally under both fabrics and tighten.  Now do the same for the opposite side.  Take your needle nose pliers and tighten the wire securely. Now leave a twist of wire in the center and attach your decoration.

WA-La! You are finished.  This could be made with so many different fabrics and for so many different rooms!  Make some and post your pics! I would love to see them.



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