It is what it is!

I  was watching television the other day. You know the show where people sue each other in a small claims court setting.  After the case is over,  a commentator always does a short interview with the litigants from each side. Looser first, then the winner. I began to notice a pattern. Every time someone lost they would respond, “It is what it is.” Huh? What does that even mean?  Sounded to me like they just didn’t want to discuss the fact they lost.

My hubby and I were talking about something that was occurring in our lives,  and I was explaining my displeasure with the situation. He took a deep slow breath and exhaled the same. “Well, it is what it is.” He answered readjusting his ball cap as if in search of a better answer. “What does that even mean?” I asked trying to hold back the sarcasm.  I legitimately wanted an explanation.  He looked down at the floor, shook his head in disbelief and left me to ponder my own thoughts.

Now, I am not a complete moron.  Just thought I should be sure to clarify.  I am a college educated person, and I  have what I refer to as horse sense. Other people call it common sense.  In other words, you do not have to tell me to get inside out of the rain or not to play in traffic. But those five words are haunting me.  I hear the kids say it, it is on the radio, the television. Everywhere you turn it is there. Why are human beings so quick to say, it is what it is?

Doctors, therapists, and friends all tell you not to give in to the feeling of depression. How would it be if I say, “Well, it is what it is” and refuse to do anything but hide? It is simply unacceptable to believe that we should just accept every single thing that happens and do nothing to promote change.

My child acts out and refuses to do as he is told. Oh, well, It is what it is! A car comes out of seemingly nowhere and plows into the passenger side of my car. Airbags deploy, and I have whiplash, plus a busted leg. Eh, It is what it is! The world is a terrible place and people are only out for themselves. I know, but it is what it is!

That sounds ridiculous you may be thinking. I couldn’t agree more. Why are we so quick to accept that we can do nothing to make things better? I propose, a new and better way…it is what it is, but it will change with me.  It will change because I will put my effort into making it or me different. If we can do something to be a light or help to someone else maybe they will not have to accept the feeling that all is lost.

So I am sorry, I do not accept it is what it is. Seems like we should be a bit deeper in our thinking. Be better at being. Looking for ways to improve our way and the ways of others.

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