Beauty Falls

My daughter and I were walking down the sidewalk to the doctor’s office when something on the ground caught my eye. A large Monarch butterfly lay flat on the asphalt.  One wing moved very slowly, and then the other just a slight motion, and it ceased moving all together.  How sad I thought.  It was so bright and beautiful and brought joy to  whoever saw it, and now it is gone.


I have never considered myself a raving beauty.  I also never felt I was on the ugly list.  I have received a few unsolicited compliments and a few who were intended to butter me up.   Yet I have just always accepted the lady that looks back at me in the mirror.

Now that I have arrived on the more mature side of life, it seems to be taking a lot more to make me presentable. These craters that keep appearing on my face must daily be filled with Spackle. There is primer then a top coat. Then paint, and powder, and gloss.  All this work that I doto makes acceptable causes me to feel a bit like the butterfly. The beauty has fallen, and no one notices. Well, maybe they do notice and are too polite to say anything. God forbid if I get caught in a rain shower, and my “hid ’em” could possibly slide right off the base that is now my face.  Leaving my naked skin baring the blemishes and crows feet that all my living has left behind.

I have never wanted to be the older person that tries too hard to look young, yet I just am not ready to look the part of grandma.  I know many elderly ladies, some that I find absolutely beautiful.  Is it that they are doing something, or are they just naturally beautiful? Of course as the old saying goes, beauty starts from within. No matter how much you put on, if you are mean and hateful on the inside it will show on the outside. It may be hidden for a while but it will begin to ooze out. Yep, that is a gross way to think of it, but it is true.  I want to be one of those natural beauties. One that can bring a smile to the people who know me and are about to meet me.

I must admit I do wish to be a memorable person. One who shines bright from within. It is a work in progress. A goal to work towards each and every day. I will work on it too, but I have to go to the Mart right now, I am out of concealer.





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