Run like the wind!

I have an adorable little dog who is my Service Animal. He helps keep me calm in stressful situations.  He is a Pomeranian, Yorkie, and Shih tzu mix. He trained very well, and is really smart. His name is Bryant.


Now in case you are curious, he was named when I got him and yes, he is named after Coach Bear Bryant.

He has a sweet disposition and loves to play. He loves to be petted and loved on. And is sure to let you know that he is not getting enough love by climbing into your lap and leaving you “kisses.”

Now as long as Bryant is in his Service Dog  vest, he is a well mannered and obedient dog. However,  let us get home and ease off that thing and he becomes a wild child. He will tear as fast as his legs can go from one end of our house to the other.  Round the dinner table and continue on, when he gets to the end he makes a u-turn and keeps going. His ears flopping and his tail wagging, and barking like he has lost his mind. First time he did it, I thought maybe he had gone crazy or something. I was wondering what the number was for the doggy paddy wagon.  But now I just know, to get ready and get out of the way.


The funniest thing is  when he is running looking like the cartoon Tasmanian devil , he is moving so fast he does not always see so clear. Like if a door is shut that he thinks is open.  And as mean as it may sound when he goes BAM against the door, his reaction is hilarious! Run, run, run, BAM, ouch, run, run run. He will quite literally make a noise that is similar to ouch and never miss a beat.  He just keeps running until he has had enough and he will jump upon the couch on his blanket and fall asleep.


I would like it if I could be more like Bryant at times. I would like to be so determined to do something, that if an obstacle got in my way, I would say,”ouch” and move on. Never let it slow me down, just persevere until I reach my goal.


I have a lot of things that I have allowed to hinder me in life. Some were more than a small owie. They say you look back on your past and there may be regret. That is true. I have regrets, but I can not live back there. I can only live today, in this moment. So I say, lets run hard and take a rest, for maybe we will be blessed to do it again. You can bet your boots, Bryant will.



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