You’ll shoot your eye out!

Before the magic mirror I stood.  Digging secrets out of jars and applying them to the canvas that it my face.  Every woman understands, if they wear make-up, the gigantic collection of items you can end up with.  Things you use, things you don’t use often, as well as things you plan to use. There are ones that you buy to see how you like them and then there are the ones you did try, but can’t bring yourself to throw out for fear of wasting money.

As I have mentioned before, I am climbing toward the upper numbers of age and now it is not just makeup.  Tons of things flood the market all guaranteeing that they are the best at revitalizing my youth.  Preventing lines, decreasing redness, improving dark spots, the list goes on and on.  But I digress…

Now the mirror tells me that I have done all I can, and I should move on to the next step.  Eyeliner.  I have used eyeliner for years and I prefer liquid to pencil.   I twist open the top and hold it in the proper position as I methodically line it up to my  eye.  Suddenly with no prior warning there is a searing pain in my right eye.  Oh, My dear God, I have just stood right here and stabbed myself in my own eye.  The only thing going through my mind as it happened was the line from the movie, A Christmas Story, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”

Of course I dropped the applicator and reached for a tissue.  The pain a tad less now that had removed  removed the thrust stick.  I pulled the tissue down to inspect my injury in the glass.  I literally had a black eye.  Due to the water now pouring from the injured optic, mixed with the liquid I had added made a masterpiece of a mess.

It took quite a few minutes to clean up that mayhem, and make myself presentable. My eye has continued to remind me that I was nasty to it my tearing over and over.  I’m sure that it will be feeling better soon. God created our bodies to do miraculous things.

Moms, I have given you a new reason for the young girls not to start wearing makeup.  They could quite possibly be blinded for life.  Ha.  That’s a laugh. Can’t tell anyone anything when it comes to makeup.  Especially, we older girls!  We will try anything until be break out, swell up or impale ourselves.

So this is my cautionary tale.  My public service announcement.  Just because you do something on a regular basis, does not mean you should do it on auto pilot.  Just as sure as you are not paying close attention, BAM!  You’ll shoot your eye out!




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