Eat more chicken

Sometimes buying groceries for a family of seven can be a real challenge.  Money is usually tight and I shop the sales and search for the best deals in town.  I try all kinds of ways to cut the food bill, especially since the price of consumables has gone up.  It is no wonder then that our table regularly has the same types of meat.  Chicken, pork, chicken, hamburger, chicken.  You get the picture.  Like any decent cook, I try and make them in different ways, so that the family will not become bored.

My son was expressing his displeasure with the fact that we were having chicken at dinner the other night.  He threw his head back and made a growl-y grown of some sort.  Then he began to argue his point that we always eat chicken and that he was so sick of seeing the chicken that he just wanted to vomit.  Mind you he said it slightly more descriptively, but I think you get the picture.

Like the concerned, forward-thinking parent that I try to be, I did my best to validate his feelings. I reassured him that he should be thankful to the good Lord that he even had any meat to eat.  I further reminded him that there are people who eat just cold beans or worse have no food at all.   Yet before I could finish my explanation, his eyes began to roll into the back of his head in general disdain.  You know that look that teenagers give you that says that you are out of your mind and that they are the superior being. I hate. No, I despise. No, I have a deep-seated loathing for that look.

“Well, when we get to the supper table,” I announced, through slightly clenched teeth,”If you do not want the chicken, do not eat it.”  Besides fewer mouths to feed, fewer dollars have gone, right?  I figured it was a win-win.

We sat down at the supper table and once Grace was said over our food, we began to start dishes passing around.  The homemade chicken nuggets were the last bowl to arrive at my son’s plate.  I reached for the bowl,”Let me take that.  You didn’t want chicken.” I said calmly. “Wait!  Yes, I do!” He responded quickly, “I didn’t know it was going to be this kind of chicken.”

We all had a good chuckle, to which I declared, “I’m gonna use this on the blog.”  He grinned at me and began heartily eating his chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese.

I have to admit that I understand the premise of what my dear son was expressing in his own unique way.  Why the same old thing?  I feel that regularly about the anxiety that creeps up for no apparent reason.  Why is this happening again? Why must I fight another day to keep this situation at bay?

Repetition can get old, but the alternative might not always be a pleasant one.  Just like no chicken on my kid’s plate.  You might find something missing if you didn’t have your day-to-day routine. I have a great story about Missing Chicken You should check out here:  Missing chicken

You are alive!  You have gifts and talents that no one else has.  God chose you to take care of what he has given you.  “Don’t be weary in well-doing.” says 2 Thessalonians  3:13. Keep on going, working as hard as you can.  Just like my son will keep consuming yard bird.





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