Walking the Bird

When life gives you lemons make lemonade. I have heard that all my life. However, I believe, when you feel loaded down and stressed head to your local thrift store. I can not explain what finding a pearl among the oysters does for my moral.  I look for all types of items and for craft ideas it helps to think out of the box.  Or even what can you do with this box.

Well, today was a thrift stop day and my oldest daughter  I made it in just before a heavy downpour. It lasted quite a while which gave us plenty of reason not to rush through. I can guarantee you if you hurry you will overlook something.

My hubby always asks me why I buy things to donate them again later.  I told him I was just doing my part to stimulate the economy. Of course, he really doesn’t understand it but allows me to go on with my thrifty therapy.

So we ladies are shopping and find ourselves near the bins of stuffed animals. They were so full! Digging and digging to see who must go home with us, we finally picked up 4 mini animals. Each of them was chosen specifically.

We begin to push our cart away from the toy area when my daughter says, “What’s that?” She walked over to a shelf against the wall. Once she retrieved it, I could see fishing line connected to this fuzzy thing. Then I realized it was a marionette of sorts. It was this flamingo looking multi-colored bird.  He had seen better days and looked a bit haggard. Yet once my daughter got the idea of how to maneuver it, this guy came to life! His long fuzzy legs and feet stepped along as she walked. He would turn and look at people, and shake his head yes or no.  We were so busy having fun with it that we barely noticed people starting to stare.  She walked him to the front of the store getting looks and letting him strut.

“Oh my God!” One woman yelled, “I thought it was a real bird!” Then she proceeded to call over the rest of her family to see it.

That said discarded bird. No longer loved.  It became a tool to bring joy and laughter to others.  He is our bird now. And we will give him some much-needed love and pray we can bring joy to someone again.

Doing for others is a great way to help yourself too. Stop and look around you at the cranky, aggravated, mad, and just plain sour people that you will see.  So go ahead,  do something nice for someone else, and see how good it makes you feel!


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