After the Storm

After the thunder rolls and booms like explosions in a war, and the dark, ominous sky seems to split and light up with the power of the lightning.  After the rain has fallen, soaking and saturating the ground causing the runoff to seek untouched places to fill, and the darkness has faded to grey.  There is space. A few fleeting moments of calm maybe even quiet, a thankfulness that the storm has ceased it’s raging, and the wonder of nature in its purity.  In that millisecond there is a type of Nirvana, the state of perfect nothingness. Peace.


This moment becomes more precious when the storm has raged longer than usual. When the lightning strikes are close and you jump seemingly out of your skin.  Your heart pounding in fear. Unadulterated forces working beyond your control. Winds howling, water punishing the earth below.  Then there it is peace. Catch your breath. Wait for the clouds to disburse. Along with the sweet peace trails hope.


Hope that you will again see the sun. That the flood will evaporate and leave land ready to harvest.  Yes, there is work after the storm and preparations for the next. For yes there will be another storm.  Flowers need sunshine and rain to bloom. So go ahead make your preparations. Do what you must do. Make sure you have your provisions and your umbrella and while you’re at it, grab your sunglasses, and watch for the sun.


Breathe in the peace after the storms in your life have passed by.  And cling to the hope that the sunshine is coming. Don’t just hope for it, Believe it! Know it. Wait and see what grows.  You just might learn to appreciate the storms as well as the sun.


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