Nature pants

Laundry is a constant in our home.  Everyone washes, drys, and folds there own.  I learned that made my life a bit easier.  Besides they are adult like people. They need to learn to handle things for themselves for when they get out of here.  And they will!

Because laundry is a dreaded chore for most people, it is also for the young adults here.  There is a lot horse trading that goes on just to keep from having to contend with clothes. A night of dishes in place of three loads of laundry.  A deal of give me a good hug and I will fold these for you. (That’s another story for another time.)

On this specific day some deal had been struck and older sister was finishing up little brother’s last load of laundry.  For the purpose of this story, I should tell you that my son is called Nate.  Sister had a basket of jeans, pajama bottoms, and slacks.  Don’t ask why they were all together, remember he does his own laundry.  Sis smoothed.  She folded.  She hung, and at long last her chore was done.

Now I should explain that we are true southerners.  We do sound a bit like the ladies from the old show, Designing Women.  If you have never seen it.  Trust me it is a real hoot!  Any-who, our southern drawl can sometimes get in the way, even for us.  You just sort of get lazy, I guess, and the words come out all funny.

Once the laundry was complete, Sister announced to her brother without taking a single pause,”Nateyourpants.” She was motioning toward the folded stack on the couch. Someone asked her what she said.

She wrinkled her nose in confusion and replied, “Nateyourpants.”

My husband popped in from another room and questioned, “Nature pants?”

“No,” she responded annoyed that he was interrogating her, “I was talking to Nate and said Nateyourpants.”

“That’s what I thought,” he retorted, “Nature pants.”

The confusion on that girl’s face is hard to describe.  She was slightly pink from embarrassment, twisting her head to the side in a bit of distress, and biting her lip trying not to cry.  “All I said was Nateyourpants,” she said meekly to herself.  THEN the light bulb went off in her head and she heard what step-dad was saying. “Oh, My, God that’s so funny!”  She screeched.  She was gone.  Out of it.  In her own little world. Rolling in laughter.

No one ever did determine what nature pants were.  And yes, there was quite a discussion.  Some say it is part of your Birthday Suit. Others thought it might be camouflage.  But those people keep camo on the brain. (You know who you are.)

Have you ever read a post that someone put up and wondered what the heck?  Have you read more into a text message or email than was there?  It is so easy to misunderstand other people.  You never know what they have faced before they typed and posted, or even what might be weighs heavy on their mind.  It is so important to remember, I am not the only person with feelings.  It our technological age, we just may forget the art of true communication. Looking people in the eye and sharing a smile. Talking.

At our house we sit down for supper most nights.  It is a no phone zone.  No calls, no texts no social media.  It is one of the best parts of the day.  Don’t be misled, I love technology too, but we must not let it completely take over.

Take today, turn off the cell phone for a few designated minutes and just take time to have a conversation with someone. No hashtags, no pics, or snaps.  Just people sharing.  It will literally change the way you feel. You can bet your nature pants!




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