Succulent Wreath

My lovely daughter Elyssa, is returning to college this fall with some great succulent accessories that we created together.  Our Succulent Pom-Pom Rug is really nice.  Check it out at this link. Succulent Themed Pom-Pom Rug

Now onto the Wreath:

Gather your materials and tools:

  •  One wreath form                                                    IMG_2963
  • Letters for the name (optional)
  • 2 rolls of burlap ribbon (9 ft on each roll)
  • 2 large artificial succulents
  • 5 small succulents
  • Lightweight staple gun with staples
  • scissors
  • Tacky glue
  1.  If you are using letters.  Paint them first and set aside to dry.
  2. Take one roll of ribbon, and after fastening the end with a staple, wrap the wreath.IMG_2968 Be sure to leave spaces between the ribbon on the bottom half.  The top should be slightly overlapping.  Cut the ribbon once it is all covered, and fasten the end with a staple.

IMG_2970   3.  The Largest succulents are the center of the bottom.  Push them into the Styrofoam nice and snug.

4.  Cut 16 strips of ribbon approx. 8 inches long.  Each piece should be individually folded as above.  The side with the ends touching the wreath should be placed flat against the wreath and attached with a staple.  This is done on either side of each succulent.

IMG_2966   5.  We found small succulents at the dollar store in little pots. Just popped them out and stuck them straight into the wreath, easy peasy.  img_2971.jpg

6.      Here is where you can change the project to suit you.  A burlap bow can be added or letters to spell a name.   Below is the bow.

If you prefer the letters, Attach them with tacky glue and leave them to dry. Remember, hot glue is not good for adding the letters if you are using the wreath outside.  The sun will cause the hot glue to release.

IMG_2990                            Add heading (10)






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  1. […]    My daughter, Elyssa is a junior at the Baptist College of Florida and has moved from a large dorm around 30 girls to a small house with 8-10 young ladies.  It is a much smaller and with a few touches, it would be a homie space.  The young lady in charge of the house decided that she wanted to decorate with succulents.  Elyssa was joined in on the fun.  She came home for the summer with ideas and questions about what could be made.  Enter Mom.  We made several things together including a wreath for the front door. Follow the link here to see that also. succulent wreath […]


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