Shake -n- Step

Once upon a time, there was an old farmer.  He worked every day in his fields, tilling, watering, planting, and sowing.  By his side on many of these occasions was his trusty old mule.  Now the mule was getting old and his eyesight was beginning to fail.

One particular day, the farmer set the mule free to walk around while he sowed some seed.   A loud distressed bellow came from about 1/2 mile down the road so loud that the farmer stopped his work and went to investigate. Continuous moaning and bellowing met the farmer as he arrived at the noise.  The old burro had fallen into a deep, yet dry well.

The farmer could not believe his eyes. The mule lay on his side calling up for help in the only way he knew.   The man shook his head as he peered down into that deep tunnel.  It was several feet down, and He was in no shape to pull him out.  The mule was too old and it was too far for him to climb out.  The farmer paced back and forth rubbing the stubble on his face.  What was he to do?  Finally, he walked to the barn and retrieved a shovel, and returned to the mule’s loud calls.

The farmer looked back down in the abandoned well.  “I’m sorry, Old Boy,” he said quietly to the mule, “we had a good run, You and I.”  Methodically the farmer began to shovel dirt onto the old mule.  He reminded himself with every shovel that this was the humane thing to do.  Keep him from the misery of starvation and dehydration.  Suddenly the braying and bellowing stopped.  The farmer walked to the side to take a peak.  To his surprise, the mule was up on all four legs.

The farmer released another full shovel of dirt.  And then another, and another.  Working up an unrelenting sweat, he tossed in more dirt and inspected the hole to decide how many more shovels it would take. There stood the old ass on top of the dirt.  What was happening?  The farmer questioned himself.  He scooped again and watched inside as the soil fell onto the donkey’s back.  The donkey began to sway back and forth sending the dirt to the ground, then he would lift his foot and tamp it down.  Every time the farmer discharged more earth into the chasm, the animal would shake it off and then stomp on it.  This mule who was too blind to see had figured out that his only way out was to use that terra firma as a ladder. Time after time, he continued to shake it off and step on it.  Needless to say, he was not buried alive but walked out a little dirtier than before, but very much alive!

Whether you suffer from depression or not, trials in our lives come and go.  Sometimes it is like a storm that feels as if it will drown you, and at other times it is dry as the desert sand.  Then to make matters worse, you fall into a crater and just might be left for dead.  However, my friend, before they bury you: shake off the clay and step on it.  Do not let it be a place of death, but a place of life.

There is no one that can make the decisions that need to be made in your life, but you.  There may be situations weighing you down and causing you to sink.  Shake it off, and step on it.  Don’t let it be the death of you.  Forgive if you need to, help if you can, do something new, change your view.  Shake off that grave filler and step on it.  The view from the top will be a whole lot brighter than in that deep, dark hole.


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