Sunglasses a la U

Some times a pair of adorable shades will just make an outfit!  Yet there are times when the perfect pair of shades might be less than easy to find.  So….why not make some.

The dollar stores carry decent pairs of sunglasses for a better than a fair price.  With a tiny bit of effort and some dry time you can have your own one of a kind pair of shades.


So let’s get started:

YOU WILL NEED: sunglasses, decorations, superglue

  1. Choose your favorite color and shape of glasses. Take a good look at your glasses and decide how much or how little decoration you want.
  2. Collect the items you will use and place them so they are easy to access while you are gluing.
  3. Use superglue to attach the decor to your frames.  Make sure keep the glasses flat until the glue completely dries.  Special Note: Tacky glue and E-6000 will hold well, but will require a LOT more drying time.
  4. You can also place decorations on the legs of the glasses. IMG_7701 Just be cautious not to go too far.  Of you have longer hair that can get stuck, take that into account also.
  5. Endless combinations and ideas are available to you.  Let your creative juices flow.

Extra Special Note:  I do NOT recommend hot glue for this project.


     Happy Decorating! 

Feel free to post your completed glasses in the reply area!!



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