Wow, there’s a title that will stop a crowd!  Are you a Thrifty or Cheap?  Have you ever considered that one of those titles could describe you?

Sometimes we honestly have to reevaluate things to be sure we are getting what we really want.  Google defines thrifty as an action by a person using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. Sounds really practical.  Most people this day and age work paycheck to paycheck and need as much thrift in their lives as possible.  Afterall, the prices of everything has risen except for our bottom line.


Now cheap is defined by Google as an item low in price that is worth more than the cost.  However, there are some items that are considered cheap that really end up being a waste of money.  If you purchase something and it does not work once the package is open, or falls completely apart once you have freed it from its plastic tomb that could definitely be defined as junk.

Cheap carries with it such negative connotations.  Why would anyone want to spend more on something just for the ability to say that they did so?  I suppose there are a few of those folks around.   But if you can get a deal then why not?  That is why sales and coupons are sought after treasures.  We really like saying things like,” Look at this pile of canned goods that will take my family through the Apocalypse and I got it all for ten bucks.”  Crazy as it sounds we will go bats over a sale, but let someone say that we are cheap or thrifty and we take issue.

DSCN4151 (1)
Elyssa (background) Michelle (Foreground)

I asked a close friend of mine to snap some photos of me and my daughter while we were out looking at a Thrift store.  She was slightly taken aback. “Do you want people to know you shop at Thrift Stores?” she asked.  I assured her that I did not care about that.  I honestly think people would like to learn that I am not one that lives, as they say, high on the hog.

Second-Hand or Thrift Stores are in my opinion a no-brainer for the Cheap-n-Thrifty Crowd.  Another place that has been created out of people’s need for the less expensive is the dollar store.   Dollar Tree and Dollar General are my favorite.  We joke in our family that there must be a trip made to Dollar Tree every other day.  It’s not every other-sometimes it is every day.

There are still a few people who refuse to shop in these places and my response is, “Suit yourself.  That leaves more for me!” And I can tell by the number of shoppers I run into when I am there, that I am not alone.   I have found items in both of these stores that I have not been able to find anywhere else.  That is a champion thrift move because I not only get the best deal, but the quality is still decent.

Now, there are everyday items that are used in the kitchen at these stores, and my advice is to take time to do a little math.  Decide what is the best buy.  It is not a huge deal, and remember since you have your cell phone, there is a calculator at your fingertips, so you have no real excuse.

Cell phone 

I have, as you already know, been around for a day or two so here is my personal advice on some items that can be purchased from dollar stores.    Storage bags are a good purchase.  I am not too keen on the freezer bags, but storage is good.   Fun size candy bar packages.  Vinyl placemats, hairbrushes, and deodorant are also a fair deal.

There are many other things that I could name that are good, but then let us not forget the bad.  Canned goods that are normally 89 cents and below are not a good deal at the regular price of $1.  Usually, dairy products are not for the short of money.  Laundry detergents can go either way.  Remember, you can also use manufacturer coupons at the dollar stores which can aid the Thrifter’s totals.

Groceries and Receipt

So during the writing of this, I have done a lot of thinking.  Am I Cheap or am I Thrifty?  I seem to go back and forth here.

I guess it depends on the moment, and what I am shopping for.

So, I am no longer cheap.  I am no longer thrifty.

I shall now and forever more call myself:  A penny-pinching bargain shopper.


No matter where you shop, use your money wisely.  If someone wants to call you cheap.  So be it.  These days you gotta do what you gotta do.  So grab your sales papers, clip those coupons,  & even visit the dollar stores.  Let’s be PPBS’s together!




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