Succulent Themed Pom Pom Rug

   My daughter, Elyssa is a junior at the Baptist College of Florida and has moved from a large dorm around 30 girls to a small house with 8-10 young ladies.  It is a much smaller and with a few touches, it would be a homie space.  The young lady in charge of the house decided that she wanted to decorate with succulents.  Elyssa was joined in on the fun.  She came home for the summer with ideas and questions about what could be made.  Enter Mom.  We made several things together including a wreath for the front door. Follow the link here to see that also. succulent wreath

“Can we make a pom, pom rug, Mom?”  She questioned with excited anticipation.  I agreed, yet I must confess, I did not really know what I was getting myself into.  However, as you can see in the picture above it turned out awesome!  So let me try and show you how we did it…


Rug Underlay

1.  We purchased 2 nonslip rug underlays.  (These actually came from Dollar Tree.)  You can cut it down smaller if you wish.

2.  Yarn and lots of it.  Choose the colors and thicknesses you like.  Whatever you choose, it will need to be something that can be made into a secure pom-pom.  Approx. 10 small skeins.

3.  Create pom poms with long tie strings left on them.  We made poms of 3 different sizes to simulate different sized plants.  You can make them all the same size and color if you so desire.  Our rug has over 100 pom poms.

Colored Pom Poms


Here is the picture to the right, you can see the different colors of yarn and combinations that we used.  Some dark and some light.  Some multicolored.





TO ASSEMBLE THE RUG:  Fold the underlay so that you can find the center so you will know where to begin.  I marked ours with a black marker.






Take your first pom and thread the ends through so the pom is on one side and the knots and strings are on the other.   See the picture directions below:






Repeat, Repeat, Repeat X?  This will be decided by the size of the rug and how full you want it to be.







Once it is completely covered.  Go over the top of the rug with your hand and feel for gaps.  These must be filled before moving on.  Take the second underlay and place it evenly on the bottom.  Line it up carefully.  With a tapestry needle use more yarn to bind the edges.  If you run out of yarn.  Tie more on and keep going.  Tie off the last piece and carefully secure.  Turn your rug over.  You are ready!



Completed rug on a dark green carpet.

I hope you be brave and make one!  It is challenging fun!



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