Dear Mom, From Your Daughter In College WARNING: A TEAR JERKER

My Middle Child, Elyssa, is in college.  She is gone quite a lot for classes and studying and tons of homework.  Her times home are so quick it sometimes sadder when she does finally come home.  We call and text as often as humanly possible, and even that becomes hard when life is so busy on both ends.  Today we texted good morning back and forth and chatted for a bit and then she sent me this link and followed it with I love you.  I followed the link and read the post. Once I wiped my eyes clear of all the tears and calmed down I made a decision.   It was so very special I decided to share it here on my blog.  To all the parents raising kids is really hard.  Letting go is even harder.  Yet I must say from personal experience it is rewarding when you see them becoming their own person, and you begin to feel you have contributed in a positive way.

God Bless Everyone.  This link will take you away from our website, but we hope you come back real soon!




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