About ME: Why This Blog and This Author?

I wake up to the gorgeous morning sun pouring into and saturating my bedroom. I rub my eyes sleepily and smile, “Thank you, Lord for the beautiful morning,” I say aloud. Suddenly the realization that I have overslept surges through my body. “Oh, dear Lord, No!” I shrieked. I bolted straight up and hastily head for the bathroom tripping over my slipper and catching myself on the door frame. After brushing and combing as quickly as possible, I slipped into my slacks and began buttoning my blouse. I knew I would at least want earrings so I make tracks to the dresser and caught s glance at myself in the mirror as I completed inserting my silver studs into my lobes. Much to my chagrin there was a stain dead center of my garment. I breathed in a heavy sigh of aggravation and secured a second piece of apparel. “Lord, you know I’m late,” I complained out loud,” why did have to pick a top with a blemish?” Fastening my last button and stepping into my shoes, I advanced to the kitchen.

Thankfully the coffee maker has done its job and that warm fuel was patiently waiting for me. I filled my to-go-mug and grabbed my purse and keys. Somehow I managed to get the beginning of my day underway, but not before dropping my keys into the dirt and inadvertently leaving my travel mug perched on the top of my car. It made a jump for the asphalt between my sandy driveway and my first major turn never to be seen in one piece again.

Funny how the little things in life can seem to to become a huge mountain in mere seconds. Even when you are a believer in Christ. Having Jesus Christ in my heart means my eternity is all set, but I still have to live my day to day life. Jesus said, “Be thou perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect.” That is a huge undertaking. I make tons of mistakes but I am really trying to live a life as close to perfect as humanly possible.

I do not know a single Christian that has everything in this life figured out. But we are instructed to bear one another’s burdens and share our mistakes and short comings with one another. So lucky you! This is me bearing my heart. Attempting to prove that you are not alone, and not the only Believer that has questions and insecurities. We will search together for the answers and maybe we will make each others load a little lighter in the process.


I have served in many capacities in ministry. I am a singer, a Sunday School Teacher, a play/program director, children’s church coordinator, worship leader, church clerk, Soloist and preacher. I have not attended seminary, but I have been taught under some of the greatest teachers and preachers in God’s Kingdom. I have served in five different churches/ministries in my adult life all while trusting God that I was doing His will. I have not lived a perfect life, and have not always walked in the Light. However, here at age 50, I feel a move of God in my life that is unlike anything else I have ever imagined. I want to share my journey and my incites with you. By being a part of our little club you will enter into a personal relationship unlike others you may have had. So many times we are put down, talked about, insecure, etc.

Here I will do my best with God’s anointed help encourage, teach, and under-gird you in your daily walk with God. There will be special articles in all sorts of areas. I will share my music with you. Simply put this will be a great positive source for you. We will break the Bread of Life together, and we will pray for one another and our loved ones. We are in this walk for ourselves, but we can for sure trek side-by-side.

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God bless you my dear friends. Let me do my best to Encourage you and the Body of Christ until He returns!

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  1. It was good to hear that God is using you in so many ways. You truely a very talented woman of God. I’ve been praying for you since you were in diapers. To God Be All The Glory! Great site. Keep up the good work. Would love to hear your music. My phone email is:
    With All My Love,
    Aunt Bug


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