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Finding what you like

People are very precarious creatures. We change our mind like changing channels on the television. If I do not like what is happening here, then I will switch. This is also the case when it comes to churches. My friend, there is one truth that is immutable: you will never find the perfect church. Now, please note that I am not suggesting that we should not try and find the church that is best suited for us, but hopping from church to church in search of the perfect one is a recipe for disaster.

What would the perfect church building look like? Everyone has a different interpretation but I think it might be best described like this:

The Building

Adequate, comfortable seating with clear, crisp lighting. Not too bright as to startle but enough not to cause tiredness. The walls would be painted with a color as to keep one relaxed, but not cause one to fall asleep. Gold would accent any pictures. Any renderings of the likeness of Christ should be reconsidered as the eye, skin, and hair color might be called into dispute by a member of the congregation.

The Worship

Music should be a mixture of hymns and contemporary music unless two separate services would be more appealing. The Traditional service at regular time and a more modern interpretation in a separate time slot. Instruments should never be too loud as to disturb anyone who is nervous or wears a hearing aid. Instruments should always be in proper tune, and percussion to a minimum. The choir will wear robes and pay the utmost attention to what is happening during worship.

Nursery to Teen

Church nursery is a requirement and should be run by a sweet Christian Grandma that will love and care for each little nipper like they were her very own. Children and preteen programs must be in place a minimum of three times per week and lead by volunteers who are willing to sacrifice to see our programs succeed. The Teen Department must be governed by a youth Pastor. Youth groups must in turn meet three times per week and those can not include the once per month outings.

The Pastor

The Pastor must be a formally educated man with an impeccable moral standard. He is implored to dress flawlessly. He should be able to negotiate like Abraham, deal with complainers like Moses, follow God’s instructions like Noah and remain cool under fire like the three Hebrew boys. Being able to preach like Paul, and baptize like John is also necessitated for this perfect man of God.

The Wife

His spouse shall be an educated woman, with all the abilities of Susie Homemaker. She will dress fashionably yet never look better than the lay women or outshine her spouse. She will be in charge of Ladies Ministries and be excellent at delegating. She should seek the face of God, raise her children and stand beside her husband with a warm gentle smile.

The children

The Reverend’s Children should be seen but not heard very often. They must not portray the actions of otherwise normal children. While the lay children may play and frolic, the minister’s family must set the perfect example. Their Father must keep them on a very short leash so they do nothing to embarrass the church or him.

Now you may be saying to yourself, what is wrong with this woman? Why is she trying so hard to describe this perfect church to me? My dear, there is not a single church in existence that someone can’t find something wrong with. The church should be a Spiritual place, yet there is
often more Fleshly thinking instead of being lead by the Holy Spirit.

“Praising God and having favor with all people,” Acts 2 reads. We should be adding to the church. Souls should be saved. Lives changed. Sick healed. The bound set free. We should be guiding Christians into a deeper walk with God. Instead we in anguish over Sister so-in-so’s pink hair.

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Truth is there was only one perfect person to walk this Earth and His name is Jesus Christ. We must be like Jesus and be about the Father’s business. Romans 9:8, “They which are children of the flesh are not the children of God; but the children of the promise are counted. In chapter 14 of the same book we are reminded that everyone of us shall give account of himself to God. Think about that for a moment. Ask yourself ,”Have I done what I should to further God’s Kingdom? Do I worry more about things of the flesh that mean Nothing in the Spirit world? If you search your heart and life and find yourself lacking. Repent and start right now, today. Working for God and His agenda. I earnestly desire to act like a child of the promise. I long to hear him say,”Well done,” and I want to see as many go with me as possible!

One final thought to remember, If by some odd chance you do locate the perfect church, don’t join it! Because once you join it will not be perfect anymore! Enough Said.


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