The God Gap

The God Gap is a theological perspective in which gaps in scientific knowledge are taken to be evidence or proof of God’s existence. However, for our purposes here we already believe in the existence of God and have a personal relationship with Him.  Yes our God gap is referring to letting God fill in the gap where we fall short.  

I was riding in my daughter’s new car on her birthday visiting and talking when she decided to share a new CD with me. Priscilla Shirer was speaking on various subjects. (If you get a chance to hear her live or recorded, DO IT!) It totally blessed my soul, and God began to speak to my heart.

The devotion that we listened to was titled Gideon. Think about the story. God kept weeding people out of Gideon’s army. He began with 32,000 men. The Lord said, “Gideon, your army is too big. I can’t let you win with this many soldiers. The Israelites would think that they had won the battle all by themselves and that I didn’t have anything to do with it.”
(Judges 7:2) So, God subtracted them until Gideon had a mere 300 fighters.

Gideon must have been shaking just a bit wondering what God was up to. If the Israelites did not depend on God they would surely be defeated. What looked like a deficit or a gap in the eyes of man was exactly where God wanted them to be. In a place of total submission to Him and his infinite and perfect abilities.

God helped them defeat their foe and win the victory. This came because they followed God’s directions. They depended on God to win! They from a human standpoint were out manned and out gunned. Yet God brought them total victory!

I have begun to feel the leading of the Spirit in my heart into an area that quite honestly make me uncomfortable. I have been really unsure of how to proceed, and hesitating a bit. Sort of reminds me of when my daughter was small and not happy about where we were headed. Me, firmly gripping her hand, while she planted her little feet firmly on the ground. That little face scrunched up in an effort to keep mom from getting the upper hand. Then when that did not work, a cry of mercy, “No, mommy, please.” Her little blue eyes beginning to water. Once she realized that fighting was futile, she would loosen her grip, and put both hands in the air. “I hold you.” She would say in that precious toddler voice, and I would gather her up in my arms. I would then carry her safely to the destination. Mom was not the enemy, but the one who knew best, and she put her complete trust in me.

In my mind’s eye, I see it plain as day. Me pulling in the opposite direction from the Heavenly Father while pleading, “Please don’t make me do this, Lord.” All the Lord wants is for me to hold Him and let Him carry me safely to the destination. He wants to fill in the gaps where I have little or no ability.

So, do you also feel the leading of the Lord in a direction that makes you a bit uncomfortable in your flesh? Stop digging in your heels. Put your arms up and surrender to Him. Follow directions. Let Him carry you.

Once He brings us the victory, we will know, we did not do it in ourselves. It was a miracle from God. So, let us do as the old song says, and surrender all to the Savior today. Let’s let God in the gap and watch Him use us for His glory!


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