Prepare and Be Ready

A wonderful reminder in my daily reading. Prepare! God is coming!

It does not matter when, but the signs show Jesus Christ just waiting in the wings for word from the Father that he can return to gather his bride. The groom being Jesus Christ, and the bride being the believers in Christ.

Christians have for as long as I can remember debated about the second coming of Christ and the “catching away” of the saints. (The Rapture) It does not matter if you believe pre-tribulation, post tribulation or even mid-tribulation. Not a single argument has an effect on God’s plan. It is set. And we are to share the gospel and watch and pray. Being prepared and ready is key to going home.

I was riding in my daughter’s car yesterday and she decided to turn on her radio. Now, not realizing or remembering, several minutes before she had received a phone call. The caller talked very softly and the radio volume was full blast. So, when she hit the button to turn on the radio was still on mega volume. There was only a few notes of music, but everyone in the car practically jumped out of their skin. I quickly grabbed both my ears that were in searing pain. Heart thumping like I had run a long ways. Seemed I could hardly catch my breath. Of Course, my daughter immediately turned it down after a split second, but the shock had already done the “damage.”

Suddenly, it occured to me that there will be no warning when the trumpet sounds. I want to be prepared and not be thrown off my game. I prayed aloud sitting on that car. “Help me to be ready, dear Jesus.”

It was a moment of pause. A startling realization that I must be ready.

When Jesus came the first time there were so many people not watching or waiting. They were unprepared. Do you think if the inn keeper knew what was happening that he would have sent Mary to the barn to give birth? For his actions to cause the Savior of the word to arrive in a place well below His status. I think not. No, the inn keeper was not ready or prepared.

There were many not watching for the Christ child on Jesus first journey to earth, as well as there are many not watching and waiting or prepared for His second return. The hearts and minds of the masses are on making money, out doing the neighbors and lying to others about there ambitions.

The question is this: Are you ready for Jesus return? Is your heart right? The bible says it will all take place in the twinkling of an eye. Stop for a moment and blink twice. The return of Christ will happen between those two blinks. That’s fast!

We must search our hearts and make sure we are ready. For God will send Jesus Christ in all his glory very, very soon.

Are you ready and prepared?

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