How to Create a Good Understanding Between You and Your Furniture (DIY XL Coasters)

Nothing is better than a tall glass of your favorite beverage on a hot day!   We southerners love sweet tea over ice!  Now almost every container you drink from has a tendency to form condensation and that can make a mess on the table or desk.  Grab a coaster?  Is that what you were thinking?  That does not exactly work well in my house.  People move them and if they should get knocked off onto the floor, the dog thinks it is his toy and will chew them up to nothing.

I have recently created myself a work area including the addition of a small desk.  Now creativity makes me thirsty.  There is always something with me.  Hence my dilemma.  I do not want to wreck my desk area, but I do want a chew marked coaster sitting on my lovely desk.  So I started digging and here’s what I found to work with…


Felt, Adhesive Fur, Trim, ribbon, and a stamp


I decided what size to make my coaster.  I used a lid from a 44oz fountain drink, 4.5 inches.  I also located a cardboard.  Something with a bit of plastic on one side is a little tougher, but even an old cereal box will do.  It will not show so color does not matter.

Cut 2 rounds of felt by your pattern.  Then cut 2 rounds of cardboard slightly smaller than the felt.

2 cardboard rounds cut slightly smaller than the original pattern.

You will notice right away that my cardboard is NOT straight, because I decided to freehand it so it would just be slightly smaller than the outside.

Nevertheless, I used it because you will not see it anyways. Besides, it is mine and until now I was the only one who knew.  (Gulp)

Well anyway, let us move on to the good part…assembly and decoration.



fur n bird
Bird stamp and ink pad

Now since my website is while I empty the nest and nest can make you think of birds, I am using a bird.

I pulled out my ink pad and inked up my bird stamp really well.  Then on the adhesive backing of the fur, I made my stamp.

Dove stamped in black

I made the executive decision to leave off the olive branch.  Using my Fabric Scissors I slowly and carefully cut out my bird. Once it was cut out I used the scissors and worked with the front a bit.  It is fur, and I needed it to look more feather like.


With all that cutting out of the way, we are ready to assemble.

2 seafoam circles 2 smaller while cardboard circles 1 baby-blue bird


Using hot glue- glue the 2 cardboard rounds together.  It is very important that you keep glue smooth.  I placed most of my glue around the outside of the circle.  You do not want a glass tilting over.  

Sandwich the cardboard between the 2 felt rounds.  Be sure you place the cardboard in the center.  Now you may decorate to your heart’s desire.  This is what makes the coaster look finished and customized.

Here is what I did to mine.  I started with some kinda retro looking ribbon. I glued it in a cross pattern and then added ribbon give it a polished look.





It’s a hashtag!!!  #CoastersRock #Createyourowncoater #HOWCOOLISTHIS

Oh, sorry, got a bit carried away.  I placed my bird at the center of the hashtag.  ON TO THE TRIM…

Hot glue is your best friend here.  But work slowly here.  You do not want big gobs of glue or strings hanging on at the end.  You want it as nice and neat as you can.

20180903_111220 (2)
My finished coaster for my desk: I Love it!

I think it makes a beautiful addition to my desk and everyone knows who it belongs to and dares not take it.  It looked so nice mt Dad wanted one.  You can see his design in the picture at the very top and the very bottom.  Simple but just right.

So to recap here are the things you actually need.

  • Decide what size you desire and cut pattern
  • 1 piece of felt
  • Cardboard for 2 patterns
  • Trim of your liking
  • Hot glue

Remember not to decorate where the glass or cup will sit with anything bulky.  That would be disastrous.


I will be making more I am sure of it.  I would love to see yours once you are complete.  Feel free to comment here and also find us on Pinterest!


Cheers to you all with my glass of sweet tea and my desk and I now have a great understanding of one another.

Pretty coasters


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Succulent Themed Pom Pom Rug

   My daughter, Elyssa is a junior at the Baptist College of Florida and has moved from a large dorm around 30 girls to a small house with 8-10 young ladies.  It is a much smaller and with a few touches, it would be a homie space.  The young lady in charge of the house decided that she wanted to decorate with succulents.  Elyssa was joined in on the fun.  She came home for the summer with ideas and questions about what could be made.  Enter Mom.  We made several things together including a wreath for the front door. Follow the link here to see that also. succulent wreath

“Can we make a pom, pom rug, Mom?”  She questioned with excited anticipation.  I agreed, yet I must confess, I did not really know what I was getting myself into.  However, as you can see in the picture above it turned out awesome!  So let me try and show you how we did it…


Rug Underlay

1.  We purchased 2 nonslip rug underlays.  (These actually came from Dollar Tree.)  You can cut it down smaller if you wish.

2.  Yarn and lots of it.  Choose the colors and thicknesses you like.  Whatever you choose, it will need to be something that can be made into a secure pom-pom.  Approx. 10 small skeins.

3.  Create pom poms with long tie strings left on them.  We made poms of 3 different sizes to simulate different sized plants.  You can make them all the same size and color if you so desire.  Our rug has over 100 pom poms.

Colored Pom Poms


Here is the picture to the right, you can see the different colors of yarn and combinations that we used.  Some dark and some light.  Some multicolored.





TO ASSEMBLE THE RUG:  Fold the underlay so that you can find the center so you will know where to begin.  I marked ours with a black marker.






Take your first pom and thread the ends through so the pom is on one side and the knots and strings are on the other.   See the picture directions below:






Repeat, Repeat, Repeat X?  This will be decided by the size of the rug and how full you want it to be.







Once it is completely covered.  Go over the top of the rug with your hand and feel for gaps.  These must be filled before moving on.  Take the second underlay and place it evenly on the bottom.  Line it up carefully.  With a tapestry needle use more yarn to bind the edges.  If you run out of yarn.  Tie more on and keep going.  Tie off the last piece and carefully secure.  Turn your rug over.  You are ready!



Completed rug on a dark green carpet.

I hope you be brave and make one!  It is challenging fun!



Prayer Boxes

My lovely daughter, Elyssa, wanted to make some prayer boxes for her Bible Study group.  This requires Altoid tins.  For a funny story about those tins, click here: funny story  

To create the prayer boxes you will need:

  • Altoid box (One for every person)
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Stickers of choice for decoration
  • Letters
  • Clear Tape
  • White Glue
  • Printed Poem or saying (optional)
  • 1 piece of white printer paper
  • 10 sheets of colored printer paper
  • Rhinestones
  • Decorative trim
  • Hot Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • 1 piece of felt
  • scissors


  1. Remove mints and wash and dry the tins.
  2. With the pencil, trace around the box to create a pattern.  You will need one for the outside and inside. The inside pattern should be slightly smaller than the outside one.  Check your patterns with the tins before proceeding.  This will save you a headache later on. 
  3.  Cut your papers for inside and outside.  One for outside, and 2 for inside. (You will cut outside bottom from felt.)


  4. Add your decor for center, and letters as you wish.
  5. Tape the paper and the poem on the top inside of the tin.  We also added a sticker there too.  Cover all of it completely with clear tape.
  6. Decorative paper for inside bottom does not have to be glued unless you prefer.

7.  We added rhinestones on the bottom between the trim, this is optional.

8.  Cut paper small enough for inside the box. Ours is approx 1 1/2 by 3 inches.

9.  If you cut your own paper, use stickers to decorate the edges of the paper, so that it matches.

10. Add a golf pencil or short pen.

11.  Using the pattern for outside, cut a piece of felt for the bottom and attach it with hot glue.

These make a beautiful gift and can be created in a style that fits one’s likes.

Completed Prayer Box




Sunglasses a la U

Some times a pair of adorable shades will just make an outfit!  Yet there are times when the perfect pair of shades might be less than easy to find.  So….why not make some.

The dollar stores carry decent pairs of sunglasses for a better than a fair price.  With a tiny bit of effort and some dry time you can have your own one of a kind pair of shades.


So let’s get started:

YOU WILL NEED: sunglasses, decorations, superglue

  1. Choose your favorite color and shape of glasses. Take a good look at your glasses and decide how much or how little decoration you want.
  2. Collect the items you will use and place them so they are easy to access while you are gluing.
  3. Use superglue to attach the decor to your frames.  Make sure keep the glasses flat until the glue completely dries.  Special Note: Tacky glue and E-6000 will hold well, but will require a LOT more drying time.
  4. You can also place decorations on the legs of the glasses. IMG_7701 Just be cautious not to go too far.  Of you have longer hair that can get stuck, take that into account also.
  5. Endless combinations and ideas are available to you.  Let your creative juices flow.

Extra Special Note:  I do NOT recommend hot glue for this project.


     Happy Decorating! 

Feel free to post your completed glasses in the reply area!!


Home for Sunglasses

The Florida sun causes us to always and forever need sunglasses.  Well, Suddenly I find myself with an overwhelming number of sunglasses.  It is so easy for them to get scratched if you toss them into a basket. So I devised a plan to create a better home for them.

Tools and Materials you will need:                                        IMG_7584

  • A Cutting mat
  • An Knife
  • A pack of dowels
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • Sanding pad
  • Pencil
  • 1 paint color
  • A brush
  • Wood glue
  • Decorative trim
  • 10 X 13 Frame with glass removed
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Lace
  • Hot glue and glue sticks
  1. I am using an 10 X 13 frame, but any size can be used.
  2. With the ruler, measure across the frame where the rods will be placed.IMG_7585   Use this measurement to mark 2 dowels. (Pay no attention to my sad manicure.)


3.  With the sanding pad, take the shine off the wood, so that your paint and glue will stick.     IMG_7588

4.  Now using the wood glue attach the dowels to the frame. I just “eye -balled” about how far apart I wanted them.  It will depend on the size of frame you use.   This is a bit messy, so clean up as you go.  Wait time according to the bottle of glue was 2-3 hours, I left it to dry over night

5.  With my silver paint, I painted a light coat on the face of the frame, and also each of the rods.  Allow to dry.




6.  Once the paint is completely dry, heat your glue gun and prepare your trim.  I am using a rhinestone mesh and I cut it the proper width.  You could use ribbon or even fabric here. the choice is up to you.

7.  The back of the frame needs to be covered.  I chose 2 shades of blue paper and covered them with lace.  There are a million options here.  Fabric, contact paper, felt are all good options as well.  Clear tape was used to hold it in place until hot glue was ready.

8. Place the back inside the frame and attach it as usual. Use caution that you do not hurt your hand here.

9.  Now it is ready to use.  This one hangs on the wall.


The only problem is that I may have to make another one!

“Made to order” candle

For those times when you need a little something for a touch of color, and when you forgot a coworker’s birthday.  It is quick and easy to create your own beautiful tea candle. You choose, the color, scent and container.



  • 1 small package of melting wax per candle to make
  • 1 taper candle per candle to make
  • 1 container to make candle in (I chose clear)
  • Ribbon & decorations to match
  • A cup to melt wax in
  • scotch tape
  • Knife or box cutter
  1. Prepare your container(s) by removing all stickers and any unsightly debris.

Measure how tall you would like your wick and cut the candle carefully with your knife.



3.  Use the scotch tape and using to separate pieces of tape for an X over the opening of the container. Using your knife poke a hole into the center of the X.  Be cautious, do not cut yourself.



4.  Gently take your “wick” and sit it in the center of the container, placing the top of the wick into the cut you made in the tape.  This will hold it in place while you complete the candle.




5.  Place the wax cubes into a microwave safe container.  Place it in the microwave and heat on high in 30 second bursts, until the wax is melted.  Microwaves vary in wattage so be sure to take this part slow. Remember the wax will he hot, use caution.

6.  Carefully pour the wax into the container between the X.  Fill it to the desired depth.  Let sit and cool.

7.  Once the candle cools and hardens it is time to decorate.  Do not forget to remove your scotch tape X from the top of the container.


8.  You can use any decorations you like.  I used some left over ribbon and flower beads for mine. Hint: You might need to add just a touch of scotch tape to your ribbon to keep it in place.  Do not worry it will not show.



9.  Your candle is ready.  Wrap it for a gift or place it in that certain space.

10.  Enjoy!



Succulent Wreath

My lovely daughter Elyssa, is returning to college this fall with some great succulent accessories that we created together.  Our Succulent Pom-Pom Rug is really nice.  Check it out at this link. Succulent Themed Pom-Pom Rug

Now onto the Wreath:

Gather your materials and tools:

  •  One wreath form                                                    IMG_2963
  • Letters for the name (optional)
  • 2 rolls of burlap ribbon (9 ft on each roll)
  • 2 large artificial succulents
  • 5 small succulents
  • Lightweight staple gun with staples
  • scissors
  • Tacky glue
  1.  If you are using letters.  Paint them first and set aside to dry.
  2. Take one roll of ribbon, and after fastening the end with a staple, wrap the wreath.IMG_2968 Be sure to leave spaces between the ribbon on the bottom half.  The top should be slightly overlapping.  Cut the ribbon once it is all covered, and fasten the end with a staple.

IMG_2970   3.  The Largest succulents are the center of the bottom.  Push them into the Styrofoam nice and snug.

4.  Cut 16 strips of ribbon approx. 8 inches long.  Each piece should be individually folded as above.  The side with the ends touching the wreath should be placed flat against the wreath and attached with a staple.  This is done on either side of each succulent.

IMG_2966   5.  We found small succulents at the dollar store in little pots. Just popped them out and stuck them straight into the wreath, easy peasy.  img_2971.jpg

6.      Here is where you can change the project to suit you.  A burlap bow can be added or letters to spell a name.   Below is the bow.

If you prefer the letters, Attach them with tacky glue and leave them to dry. Remember, hot glue is not good for adding the letters if you are using the wreath outside.  The sun will cause the hot glue to release.

IMG_2990                            Add heading (10)






A Quick Gift

Every once in a while a significant event occurs, or a birthday slips up on me and I need a gift.  Something to signify that person is special to me.  Today I need to make something for a friend who has been in and out of the  hospital.  For her something different.  A wall hanging as unique as she.  Here is what I came up with.

IMG_2957 I think it turned out super cute.  It will make her smile.


Collect your materials and tools. A canvas of the size you choose.  I am using the bottom to a sturdy lingerie box. You will need:IMG_7267

  • 1 Paint Base Color (I used Black)
  • 4 different colors of your choice (I have a purple, a light blue, a yellow, and a pink)
  • Paint brushes of your choice
  • A stuffed animal (Does not have to be a chameleon)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 1 piece of chord
  • Pick a quote or personal saying
  1.  Paint the base color over whole project front and allow to dry.IMG_72692. Three of your colors will be used for background.  They need to blend only slightly. Be very light handed, and allow as much of the dark base to show as you wish.  Allow it to dry completely.

3.  Find the center line and mark it.  Now you can use the center point to line for your letters. I am using dark purple for the letters themselves.  A stencil could be used, but I free handed mine. You can do it however you are most comfortable.  When free handing, letters can be made larger once you have all letters on and spaced to your preference.

4.  Fill in letters, use as many coats as it takes to make them complete.  You do not want any thin areas.

5. Now, I used my other colors and traced around the letters to make them  look finished and really stand out.   I also added some question marks in the base color for added decoration.

6.  Once all the paint was dry. I used hot glue to attached  the lizard.  Then also carefully use the hot glue and attach the string to the back so it can be easily hung.

Cloth Cross



This beautiful cross can be completed in a very few minutes.  It will make a fantastic gift or a beautiful addition to your home.

First we gather our supplies…  stretched canvas of your choice, 2 coordinating fabrics (approx. 1/4 yd. of each), 1 pipe cleaner or wire, Staple gun and staples, center decoration of your choice. (I chose butterflies.) You will also need scissors, a pencil and needle nose pliers.


1) Lay out fabric on a flat service so that you have the ability to cut.  For an 8 x 10 canvas I cut my pieces 10 X 12. You can create a paper pattern to pin on if desired. You need one piece for your background. (Black pictured) Of your second fabric, you will need to cut two pieces.  These will form the cross. (Gold Pictured)

2)Once you have your fabric ready lay your background color right side down.  You will begin at one end and fasten the fabric to the back of the canvas.  Be sure to pull it snug and do this all the way around the canvas.


3) Now each piece of the cross must be dealt with individually.  I prefer to do the top to bottom piece first.  About one inch from the edge of the top piece, fasten your color with your staple gun on the back of the canvas.  Gather your fabric slightly with your fingers and work your way to the other side and then staple down.


4) Now do the same for the other piece. Be cautious here that you place your piece that makes the cross slightly above the center, or you will make a plus sign. It should like the bottom center pic when you are done with steps 1-4.


5) Cut your pipe cleaner in half.  Take one piece diagonally under both fabrics and tighten.  Now do the same for the opposite side.  Take your needle nose pliers and tighten the wire securely. Now leave a twist of wire in the center and attach your decoration.

WA-La! You are finished.  This could be made with so many different fabrics and for so many different rooms!  Make some and post your pics! I would love to see them.



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