Wow!  I am so thrilled that you found us!

I have over the years become an expert wife, mother, and Christian leader. Yet I should explain that an expert is just a drip under pressure, and this drip seems to have a lot of pressure!! Honestly, we are all experts at something. Just living and learning can teach many important lessons!

My name is Julia Michelle and I am the author and owner of whileiemptythenest.com!


Julia Michelle

I have created this blog as a way to bring people together.  I will share all types of things that I like, and hopefully, you will find something that STRIKES YOUR FANCY!  (Don’t worry, it will not hurt.)


(L to R back row) Daniel (son-in-law) Papa (My Dad), Julia Michelle, and Hubby.  (Front row) Anna (1st born), Elyssa (Middle Child), Maw Maw(My mom) and Nate (My baby). 

So, here is a picture of my family. The Lady in the center is my mother who passed away in October 2017 of Lewy Body Dementia.  For quite a long time we have been living under the same roof-hence my full nest.  We love Jesus, love each other, and have a lot of fun!  

There are struggles-Depression and anxiety with panic attacks has tried to rule my life for the past few years,  Yet, with the strength and power of God, I am winning the fight.  You can learn more about that later on.  


Anna, Elyssa, Julia Michelle, & Nate

My kids have been my life!  So we will talk about parenting here. I am a singer/spreacher.  (Just for clarity that is a combo of preacher and teacher.) We will touch on Christian Living.  

I LOVE to laugh!  We will do that here too.  Let me tell ya, my crew is hilarious! You may have to walk away from the device until your sides stop hurting and then finish reading.

I love to create and craft!  And I enjoy cooking as well.  So I will share the how to make and the recipes as well.

This is a Lifestyle Blog which simply means it can be whatever.  We will touch on all types of things.  Except fixing cars, cause that is my hubby’s department, not mine.  


Me & Hubby

So to make a long story short:

This blog is told from my point of view and shared in my own voice.  I hope that you can find something to make you think, make you wonder, make you laugh or even get you to make. (Ha, see what I did there?!) 

Feel free to contact me with your comments.  Have a subject you would like me to talk about?  Just let us know!  Share our blog and pages with your friends and neighbors. Don’t forget to find the nest on social media too!

This is going to be so fun!  Thanks for joining me while I empty the nest.